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About the artist

Lucy Eron with her scarves

Lucy Eron paints scenes inspired by the landscape and oceanscape of southern California. She continues to explore the themes of the sublime in nature through dream-like abstraction. She creates original oil paintings as well as hand-painted silk scarves (as seen in photo), now available for sale at The San Diego Museum of Art Store.

Lucy has a Master's degree in Art History (San Diego State University, 2011), a Bachelor's in Painting and Art History (University of Virginia, 2000), and has also studied painting and art history in Florence. She currently is an educator for The San Diego Museum of Art.

Lucy sells original oil paintings, lately seascapes inspired by the southern California ocean views. She spent summers at the seashore of Cape Cod growing up, and since the ocean has been forever imbedded in her memory. "I cannot imagine living away from the ocean any more... my seascapes attempt to capture the almighty presence of the ocean, to dive into the eternal blue." She still spends time on Cape Cod with her family during the year.

Prior to living in San Diego, Lucy lived in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she had several group and solo shows. There she explored the nature of the mountain landscape in the realm of dream-like imagery. She also paints in watercolor, and has created plein-air of Sedona and Flagstaff scenery as well as through her travels in Europe. Read the article on Lucy published 3/1/07 in Flagstaff Live

If you are interested in design or purchase of paintings or scarves, please contact Lucy and join her mailing list to keep in touch for upcoming shows and new work.


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